About Us

BizCorp Experts Ltd is a corporate service provider with particular expertise in the fields of business development and management.

Our services are engaged by business start-ups and existing business.   We serve private individuals, private corporations, multinational corporations, institutional investors, expatriates and high net worth individuals.

Our team of professionals comprising of legal jurists, accountants, tax planners and post graduates with a combined experience of 2 decades, provides bespoke individual tailored business / corporate solutions to clients worldwide.

We are an integrated business center offering specialized services in Business Development & Management, Commodities Trading, Logistics, Physical Security, Project Management and Consultancy.

Our success lies in our distinguished level of service and special care afforded to each of our valued clients. 

OUR service Clusters


Business Development & Management

  • Benchmarking & Advice
  • Business Plans
  • Cost Studies
  • Business Structuring
  • Capital Budgeting


Business Administration: Accounting & Secretarial

  • Accounting
  • Company administration
  • Secretarial duties
  • Bank account opening
  • Tax compliance


Business Planning & Monitoring

  • Performance Management
  • Forecasts
  • Strategic Marketing Support
  • Facilitator
  • HR and Management Reporting


Project Management

  • Hotel Management
  • Management of Automobile Racing Academy 
  • Solar & Renewable Energy 
  • Trucking & Logistics


Commodity Contracting

  • Agro Commodities
  • Food Products
  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals
  • Construction materials & equipment
  • Minerals, Bauxite and Copper
  • Petrol, Diesel & Jet Fuel

OUR core values

The Four Cardinal Points: